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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roadies 6 - Hell Down Under Video Raghu saying get prepared

About Auditions
Auditions are held in various major cities in India. People who turn up for the audition are made to undergo a group discussion, following which, selected candidates are chosen for personal interview conducted by Raghu Ram and Nikhil Chinapa. The interview round is deliberately acrimonious to test the participant's attitude, tolerance and patience levels. In the first two seasons, 7 Roadies were selected. Since then, this number has been increased to 13. There is no limit as to how many times a person can audition.

About Format

The selected thirteen Roadies are given Hero Honda Karizma bikes to travel on a pre-decided route. Each episode features a vote-out at the end in which the roadies eliminate one of their fellow roadie, thereby decreasing the number of roadies carrying on with the journey.

Each episode consists of number of tasks or challenges which they have to perform. These tasks can be either "Money tasks" or "Immunity tasks". In the "Money tasks", the roadies add cash to their account on successful completion of these tasks while in "Immunity tasks", the team which wins gets Immunity. The team which attains Immunity becomes safe from vote-out i.e its members cannot be voted-out in that episode. The above mentioned tasks are either team-based (ie performed between two or more teams) or individual-based (ie performed one-on-one). At the end of scheduled journey, the last roadie who survives till the end is declared the winner and walks away with the total cash accumulated by performing the money tasks. The fifth season is the first time when an advantage task is introduced. The winner/s of an advantage task get(s) some advantage in the vote out, which may include multiple votes or being the only one(s) to vote in the vote-out.

The Indian version of the show is based on the original MTV reality show Road Rules which started in the year 1995. more @ Wikipedia

The Roadies is Going Veri difficult in every seoson